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Our Impact

Building Futures is proud to help young people improve their lives, grow as people, and pursue their dreams and goals. In the past we did this through two main programs: T2 Basketball and Denver Preparatory Academy. Our future is molding into something new. Stay tuned for future information!
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Denver Prep Academy

DPA was a school for those who wished to excel in both athletics and academics. With rigorous study and intense training, our staff helped students as they became the best both on and off the court.

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T2 Basketball

Our past youth basketball club operated throughout the Denver Metro Area, providing students/athletes with a place to hone their skills, improve their play, and learn the value of teamwork and leadership.


There are schools, private and public, everywhere. Basketball camps and clubs spring up every year. What, you may be asking yourself, sets us apart? Why should I give to Building
Futures’ projects versus some other school or non-profit? How do you know we’ll actually make a difference?

Because we are different. We think differently and know that our modern approach to supporting our student-athletes will profoundly impact their journeys. Let’s look at how Building Futures sets itself apart.

Fostering Ambition

For some, the word ambition has negative connotations, but we don’t see it that way. Ambition is drive and focus, it is a dream and the willpower to see it happen. At DPA and T2, we didn’t discourage our charges’ ambitions—we helped foster them. By encouraging ambition and providing a positive environment where it could be refined and healthily developed, we helped to inspire our student-athletes to pursue achievement. And through achievement comes a life of impact.

Athletic and Academic Collaboration

At many institutions, academics and athletics end up at odds, each vying for funding and attention. At Building Futures’ preparatory academy, Denver Prep Academy, we instead embraced a spirit of collaboration. In the classroom, students learned how to think for themselves and planned ahead. On the court, they applied those same principles to their gameplay. They didn’t just run drills; they learned how to truly think about the game and how they play. This made for sharper, more engaged players who are able to perform at the highest levels.

Spirit of Critical Thinking

It wasn’t enough to teach facts and figures to students. Drills and strength training will only take you so far. For student-athletes to excel, they needed to be able to think critically about the world around them. At T2 and DPA, we trained and encouraged our members to dive into what they’re learning, to ask difficult questions, to discover the “why’s” behind the “what’s.” By doing this, they were better prepared for the world.

If you’re ready to help us build the future of the next generation, please click below to learn how you can help. From sponsoring a student, a family or team, to volunteering or assisting us with developing our facilities. We can’t wait for you to join us on this mission.