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Domonic Martinez Headshot

Domonic Martinez (Co-Founder)

“Through Building Futures, we aim to unify community, athletics, and academics. Our programs will work with young people to help them find and nurture their natural abilities. We’re proud of the work we do and will do everything we can to empower those in our programs.”

Domonic Martinez is a co-founder of Building Futures. With decades of experience in both education and athletic development, he has a wealth of experience he’s ready to bring to bear for the organization.

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Mr. Martinez is helping establish programs and courses for young people. From scheduling time on the court to finding mentors and much more, he’s committed to helping young people advance their goals and grow into mature adults. “Academics and athletics are part of who I am,” said Mr. Martinez, “For years, I’ve worked in education, in both the private and public spheres. Now, with Building Futures, I’m leveraging all of that experience so that we can really reach students where they’re at and impact their lives.

Mr. Martinez’s family has been involved in education for generations – he practically grew up at the Denver Recreation Center. Throughout his childhood, basketball was deeply important to Domonic – it was a way he connected with his family and community. “Basketball isn’t just a sport, it’s a way to bring people together. Education isn’t just grades, it’s a way to improve lives. I believe that these two fields can work together – they don’t have to compete. I can’t wait to help young people as they strengthen their skills and improve their minds.”

Raymond Valdez Headshot

Raymond Valdez (Co-Founder)

“Being talented isn’t enough. Wanting it isn’t enough. To succeed and achieve, you need people who care for you and a community that’s working for you. Through Building Futures, our programs and teams can provide that care and build those communities. We help young people overcome the obstacles in their lives so they can achieve greatness.”

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Ray Valdez is a co-founder of Building Futures. Mr. Valdez has long been deeply involved in the world of student athletics, having coached high school, prepared players for the NBA draft, and led teams abroad. He brings an understanding of personal development and teamwork to the organization. Through him, Building Futures can help young people excel. “I’ve spent nearly all my life on the court, and it was through basketball that I learned many important things – the importance of gratitude, the strength needed to overcome adversity, and the profound effect quality mentorship can have on young people,” said Mr. Valdez, “I want to share those things with future generations and inspire them to achieve greatness.”

For all his life, Mr. Valdez has loved basketball. From an all-state team in high school to college play to coaching under his good friend, Dominic Martinez, basketball is in Mr. Valdez’s blood. This gives him a real connection to the many other young people who feel the same way. “Basketball was how I communicated when I was young – it was how I understood the world. I want to be there for young people who see the world in the same way. I can share what I’ve learned and hopefully make their lives better.”


“Life’s persistent and most urgent question is, What are you doing for others?”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

When you act selflessly for someone, you change the course of their story. At Building Futures, we strive to do that every day for our student-athletes. We are here to inspire achievement in them, for through achievement, young people discover a drive and focus that follow them throughout their lives.

We want to change lives and to provide young people the opportunity to pursue greatness. But to do that, we need help with sponsorships, building a new campus, and more. We are looking for partners and donors who will help Building Futures continue to positively impact lives for years and years to come.

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